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About Us

We are the leading book publishers that specialize in promptly delivering exemplary results. Our expertise is unparalleled in creating effective publishing plans that align with your objectives. From conceptualizing and creating a plan to bring your book to life and helping you secure and take advantage of marketing and publicity opportunities, we offer every service and resource necessary for the successful publishing of your book. Our comprehensive publishing services, from the cover design to printing and editing to formatting, are tailored to meet your needs and budget, so you can rest assured you'll get the best results for your money.

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What is the timeline for our publishing process?

01 We Connect

Our friendly project managers would be more than happy to provide prompt and thorough responses to any questions regarding your project when you leave us a detailed message providing all the necessary information.

02 Manuscript Review

When you send us your manuscript, our team of experts will promptly review it for marketability and readiness to be published. We will provide guidance and assistance in completing the front and back matter and any other necessary revisions before publishing your book.

03 Editing, Formatting and Proofreading

Our experienced formatting team meticulously transforms text into a visually-appealing book that perfectly complies with established publishing standards. Furthermore, we diligently proofread to ensure the finished product is free of visible or latent errors.

04 Cover Design

Our art team comprises highly experienced professionals passionate about creativity and design. We specialize in creating visually captivating cover art that accurately portrays your book's desired atmosphere and underlying themes. Our artworks are polished to perfection and combine an eye-catching aesthetic with thought-provoking symbolism to evoke desired feelings in your readers.

05 Publishing

We are proud to offer premier services that allow you to publish your book on various platforms without needing to handle tedious details. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your book is published with the utmost care and attention to detail, allowing you to focus on other endeavors while we take care of getting your book out into the world.

06 Collect Royalties

After putting in the necessary effort and dedication, it's time to reap the rewards of your labor. Collecting your royalties is the final step in this journey, so take the time to appreciate what you have achieved.